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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Counselling ?

As your Counsellor, I enable you to explore your feelings and talk about how it is for you to face current difficulties such as bereavement or post-natal depression or a decision, crisis or conflict and to find ways to feel more in control of how your life can be.

What Is Psychotherapy ?

As your Psychotherapist, I listen to your life experiences so you feel heard and enabled to explore connections between how you feel and act and how your feelings and behaviours relate to past events.  In the process, my aim is to enable you to understand more about yourself and your relationships.

What are Life & Career Coaching ?

As your Life and/or Career Coach, I facilitate you to take control of how you choose your life to be. Coaching is essentially about self-empowerment, a process which helps you to explore what you need to do in order to reach your specific goals and objectives.

How do you know when to seek help ?

  • Feeling emotional – panic attacks – feeling out of control

  • Feeling depressed, low, sad, miserable, anxious, confused, agitated or easily irritated

  • Confidence and self esteem issues – feeling useless, hopeless or helpless

  • Addiction problems – sex, alcohol, drugs, work, love etc.

  • Wondering why you are here, what is the meaning of life, or feeling there may be no reason to life

  • Fears of being alone and isolated

  • Changes in appetite, including weight gain or loss

  • Suffering from past or present trauma or abuse, and its impact on your life and relationships

  • Feeling angry, frustrated, out of control of your life – at home and/or at work.

  • Relationship issues 

  • Loss and bereavement

  • Physical problems with no clear physical cause

  • Sexual problems or concerns

  • Increased sensitivity and/or persistent tearfulness

  • Slowing down – not enjoying or getting pleasure from life

  • Loss of interest in life, even in favourite hobbies or sports

  • Sleep disturbance – waking early and not being able to get back to sleep, or roaming around all night and day unable to sleep at all – or not getting

      out of bed

  • Poor libido, tiredness, fatigue and feeling unwell

  • Poor concentration, memory and motivation

  • Suicidal thoughts and ideas

Sometimes you may feel unable to cope or feel depressed, anxious, alone or challenged by life.  Painful memories about your past, traumatic events in your present, or worries about your future may stop you from fully enjoying your life or achieving your full potential.  Some indications that therapy will help are:

How do Counselling, Psychotherapy and Coaching help ?

Therapy offers you the opportunity to share any problems or issues, no matter what they may be, with a qualified, accredited and registered professional who is trained to listen and really hear you, and to enable you to understand how your past and present experiences and current behaviour may be linked.  Our time together is a creative space in which we explore your thoughts and feelings.

How is therapy different to talking with friends and family ?

You will not be criticised or judged. You are free to express thoughts and feelings you might hold back with friends or family out of concern for your ongoing relationships. There is no pressure to think or respond in a particular way; there is no agenda but your own.

How will I know it is right for me ?

 I will offer you an initial consultation session of 50 minutes during which I will hear how it really is for you so we can decide together on how best to proceed. If you choose togo ahead, I will offer you a regular appointment, which is usually once a week or whenever suits you.

 Therapy is a safe place to reflect and increase your awareness of how you respond to life events and how you relate to yourself and others.