What I Offer
I offer humanistic integrative therapy which means I am highly trained, accredited, registered and very experienced in working with many different approaches. This ensures I can offer you the short or long term therapy, or any combination of therapies, that is most appropriate for your individual, family and/or group needs.

My role as your therapist is to enable you to understand anything in your life that causes you to feel distressed, confused, or leaves you feeling empty, blocked, stuck or unfulfilled. Therapy enables you to make your own best choices about anything you wish to change or understand, and also to come to terms with the parts of your life you can’t change.

Our first session is an opportunity for us both to explore the possibility of our working together. After that, our sessions can carry on for as long as you choose. You may find a few sessions are all you need, or you may wish to continue further. I am your resource – you choose the timing and frequency of our work together and are always welcome to return after any length of break. Research proves that the single most significant factor in successful therapy is the relationship between the therapist and the client. To enable you to trust and confide in me as your therapist, I aim to offer you a real sense of safety so you feel completely comfortable. It may help you to know my practice is so confidential that I don’t have a receptionist or secretary so, when you call, I may be with a client and cannot answer the phone. If so, simply leave a message on my confidential answer machine and I promise to return your call as soon as I possibly can.

My private practice offers the highest level of professional service and confidentiality, and ensures you contact and speak to no one but me. You do not need a referral to see me and, even when I am recommended by your GP or other professional, nothing you and I discuss goes any further, and certainly not into your official medical records. 

You have already taken your first step toward therapy by finding and reading through my website. I hope you now feel able to call me on 07845 870512, or 01722 335586 or email me at  

Your privacy and confidentiality are assured.

I am available for telephone appointments on weekday mornings.

Free two-hour parking is available in the parking box opposite my house, and within the parking boxes on the adjoining Old Blandford Road. To preserve your own confidentiality and that of clients before and after you, please remain in your car and I will come out to meet you.

My fees are £40 per session for individual

therapy and £45 per session for couples, family therapy, and supervision.